Multi-step Forms

Create a unique user experience with custom multi-step forms. Take it even further by adding calculators and conditional logic to form elements.


Prevent users from moving to the next step unless desired inputs are complete.

Conditional logic

Change inputs or change this order of questions based on another input.

Create a quiz

Combine features to create a unique quiz that would allow you to serve custom products to users.

Custom API

Receive all user inputs in a session through your own custom API or integrate Airtable.

Examples of

Recent related work

The work featured below were done for agencies who hired Kreonovo for Multi-step Forms services

Standard Car Rental Calculator

Custom JS
Kreonovo Emailer

We created a multi-step form with a price calculator for Standard Car Rental. Once the form is submitted Standard receives all the input values as an enquiry email and the user receives a thank you email.

Halfie Custom Quiz

Kreonovo API
Custom JS
Kreonovo Emailer

A unique quiz engine that builds a custom pet product based on user inputs. This quiz is integrated with Kreonovo API and Foxycart eCommerce.